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MobeXweb is the desktop client of MobeX. Consisting of the same features as MobeX+. Web is accessible from any web browser.


Collapsible Dialpad

The desktop app comes with a collapsible dialpad for when not in use, allowing more space for page information.


Dynamic BLF

Not only can you drag and drop your Busy Lamp Fields to suit your preferences, but they also possess the ability to call, video, or chat a colleague with one click.


Real Time Sync

The MobeX+ Mobile app works in tandem with the Desktop version to provide coherent and up-to-date communication.

Features Galore

MobeXweb comes with standard calling features as well as an abundance of useful features such as 4-way video conferencing, chat messaging system, Real-time BLF and an adaptive phonebook to name a few. Check out how MobeXweb can assist with your communications below. 

Who's there?

Contacts list that is synced up to your cloud phonebook.

Missed anything?

View recent call history with a page that is easy to navigate and you can simply click on the call to dial.

Get there quick

Busy Lamp Field allows for quick access to user call functions like making a phone or video call.

Look at that

Easily view the availability of colleagues with clear coloured indicators and user statuses

Get the message

New messages will appear as

pop-up windows and can be

viewed within the chat page.

Make it your own

Tailor your MobeX experience by customising your own statuses, notifications and colour mode.

Connect Face to Face.

Making a phone call sometimes isn't enough. We need some visual connection in order to have a decent conversation. MobeX has your back. Our video conferencing allows users to interact on a face-to-face basis. 

Since the introduction of home and hybrid working, people are away from the office more than ever. It's time to reconnect ourselves and have some visual interaction again.

Pop up and say Hello.

Clicking between pages can become a drag. That's why we've developed the MobeX pop-up chats. Any incoming messages pop up from the base of the interface on any page. Quickly view and reply to any messages in an instant. Chat can be viewed as a pop-up or extended to a full screen.

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