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The MobeX Busylight integrates with your MobeX account, ensuring your availability is visible for your whole team.

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Status choose one

Display your call status to colleagues in your office with LED indicators.

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Built-in speaker and customisable ringtones for call alerts.

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Custom Alerts

Create bespoke call alerts and statuses with various colour options.

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Prevent Office

The MobeX Busylight serves as an ideal visual cue to indicate your availability, minimising disruptions

without the need for verbal communication.


Carry out work confidently, assured that you'll be undisturbed by colleagues.

Versatility in the Workplace

With multiple colour LED options to choose from and flexible mounting alternatives, the MobeX Busylight is able to adapt for every office and every user.

Choose from blue, red, yellow, purple, and white colours to indicate DND, on a call, incoming calls, etc.

With magnetic mounting options, your MobeX Busylight can be placed practically anywhere for effective visibility.

Place your Busylight on your:

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