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The new and improved MobeX+ Mobile app provides clear and concise communication for your work without the need for a corded handset.


The ultimate softphone

With MobeX+ Mobile is linked to your desk handset, allowing you to take work calls no matter your location.


Know the difference.

MobeX+ Mobile comes equipt with voicemail with viual indication for business calls, separate from your personal voicemail


Who's about?

Easily view the availability of colleagues with the app's responsive Busy Lamp Field.

Be a


Chat will soon be available on MobeX+ Mobile. This, combined with video conferencing makes MobeX+ one of the most powerful softphones on the market.

Realtime messaging communication between one or more MobeX+ users allows you to get your work done quickly and efficiently without having to use a third-party application like Whatsapp, MS Teams or Outlook.

What can you do with Chat?

PEOPLE 2.png

Group Chats

View Profiles

Send Attachments and Media

Quick Access to Call & Video Call Features


Chat Feature not yet released.



Any device

Even though it's named Mobile, that doesn't limit our users from only being able to access MobeX+ on a smartphone. The app is also available for tablet devices as well. With a similar interface layout to the desktop version, MobeX+ Mobile for tablet remains just as functional as the mobile version with an enhanced resolution.

The ability to use MobeX+ on an unlimited number of devices truly sets it apart from other softphone applications. So no matter where you are or what you're using...MobeX+ is with you every step of the way.

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Built with

users in mind

MobeX+ Mobile's freindly user interface allows you to easily communicate with colleagues through voice, messaging and video through a WiFi network.

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