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Work from anywhere.

Work with MobeX.

Eliminate corded handset limitations and restrictions. Experience MobeX and its enhanced communication features no matter your location.

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Stay Organised

With inbound and outbound call history on all your devices


Stay Connected

With local contacts, cloud phonebook and real-time BLF


Move Into The Future

You can access your office phone from anywhere using your mobile.

Check it out

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Connect Face to Face

You can video chat with colleagues using MobeXweb. This feature includes multi-screensharing, end-to-end encryption, and built-in meeting chats. Enhance your communications for your remote working environment.

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Powered by a web browser, MobeX Web is the perfect desktop tool for laptops and computers. Use your office extension on MobeX no matter which desk you're sitting at.

for PC & Laptops

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for Mobile

A more portable solution for those on the go. MobeX+ is available for both Android and iOS devices.

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Reinvented for remote working

Same office extension on Android and iOS 

Desktop version accessible from anywhere

Make and receive calls on the go

Easy to install and manage

Turn off the lights.

Experience MobeX like never before with the new and refreshing dark mode. The cool dark blues and greys limit eye strain and remove blue light, making it easier for you to focus on what's important.

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Our mission is to provide clear communication for the next generation.

What's the word on MobeX?

"Great system, very visually appealing"
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